In India an alumnus (2010) held a Vacation Bible Study for children. This summer camp took place over 15 days
In South Africa, an alumnus (2010) is busy with a community transformation project: a community becomes self sustainable by investing in
Our alumnus from Philippines (2014) initiated worship services in Laos for the deaf and blind on respectively every Wednesday and Thursday. She
  5 Alumni from El Salvador (2008,2010,2013,2016,2017) gathered in March and will be meeting regularly. They had a meeting and
In Ghana an alumnus (2015) facilitated a training for teachers from two schools prior to the reopening day of schools
In the Ukraine an alumnus (2015) is involved with various projects. One project was a fundraiser for a 13 year
One of our alumni from Cameroon (2015) has built and trained a team of disciples to reach out to those
In El Salvador an alumnus (2017) has started teaching kids every Thursday, during which they share and discuss the gospel
An alumnus 2008 from Namibia has introduced a family income generating activity in their church. 10 families were identified and
An alumnus (2004) from Liberia has started a farming project and training of orphan children that lost their parents due