Soamalala (Madagascar – 2014)

Soamalala (Madagascar – 2014) Being part of the Work team was just an honor for me. Including definitely the blessing to still be able to meet some of our classmates and our big family around the world, this week was like a refreshment for the ears and the eyes, the mind and the heart; toRead More…


Phouang (Laos – 2013)

Phouang (Laos – 2013) I experienced enjoyment of being a part of my team however, I also experienced with strong personality with our group leader .I have learn about scrum method which very useful and effective in work team. I wish we could have more time to work together, to complete the work before weRead More…


Godwin (Kenya – 2014)

Godwin (Kenya – 2014) To me the work team was a convergence of friendships, experiences, competencies, passions, shared visions and callings from all over the world so as to come up with practical, contextually applicable and sustainable ideas on how to collectively contribute to the Kingdom and impact the world towards building healthier communities andRead More…


Heather (USA – 2007)

Heather (USA – 2007) It was fantastic to see people from so many different ALICT classes working together in unity to give back to ALICT because they had been so blessed. What other program has alumni traveling from around the world at their own expense to WORK to promote and improve the experience for allRead More…