ALICT Training
ALICT is usually composed of 26-27 students from 24 or more different nations. Living, working, worshiping and studying together they become a family and challenge each other as much as they bless and encourage. As they participate in the intensive curriculum, these students are given a snap-shot of eternity, uniting in their diversity to lay down their lives, titles, position and rights in service to Jesus Christ. The intent is to empower young Christian leaders to be relevant agents of change, to commit to a lifestyle of learning, creating key relationships & partnerships, while training them to design and execute programs and projects towards change. Students are coached to bring new and innovative insight, knowledge and thinking to this process.
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As for me ALICT is a not only the institute and education for ministry. For me ALICT is a family where I could feel safe and free, where I could to learn new experiences of communication and interaction. For me ALICT is friends!!! And excellent example of service!!!!! I am blessed to have been able

Alumnus 2010 14/06/2016

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