In Swaziland (2015) an alumnus did training with 90 High school and University students with regard to their goal in
Our alumnus from Ecuador (2016) started running a project assisting in training vulnerable people that fell victim to prostitution and teenagers (male
In South Sudan, an alumnus (2012) from Nigeria/South Sudan serving there organised a two-week intensive training on tie and dye, nylon
In Cambodia an alumnus (2015) organised a medical mission trip and an event to appreciate the staff of Hope International School. There
In Swaziland an alumnus (2013) did a training for about 30 participants on active learing. The purpose of the training was to better equip participants to teach and disciple the kids in the 30 care points for orphans across the country.  
Alumni from Cuba (2007 & 2017) and alumni from El Salvador (2013 & 2017) conducted a training called "Serving to
Two alumni from Guinea (2007 & 2017) have been operating a NGO that assists prisoners, ex-prisoners, victims, and their families.
In Vietnam our alumnus (2013) has 160 students attend her school regularly. The school aims to pro-actively address the issue of trafficking of
In India an alumnus (2010) held a Vacation Bible Study for children. This summer camp took place over 15 days
In South Africa, an alumnus (2010) is busy with a community transformation project: a community becomes self sustainable by investing in