New generation

Our 2018 Russian alumnus in St. Petersburg has started the first annual 8-month training program for Christian youth. They have 15 students and the team consists of 4 members and 11 teachers.Read More…


Career paths

In Swaziland (2015) an alumnus did training with 90 High school and University students with regard to their goal in life. The training was to help them choose career paths that isRead More…


Empowering women

In South Sudan, an alumnus (2012) from Nigeria/South Sudan serving there organised a two-week intensive training on tie and dye, nylon craft, tailoring, trauma counseling and other topics as part of a womenRead More…


Appreciation of staff

In Cambodia an alumnus (2015) organised a medical mission trip and an event to appreciate the staff of Hope International School. There was a remarkable difference in the interaction of staff, as it helped fosterRead More…


Active learning for ophans in Swaziland

In Swaziland an alumnus (2013) did a training for about 30 participants on active learing. The purpose of the training was to better equip participants to teach and disciple the kids in the 30 care points for orphans across the country.