Growing a new generation of Transformational Leaders

“We have these amazing people equipped in every corner of the world. Please help us to serve them. Help us to back them as they face challenges and engage on opportunities!”

We all hear about so many massive needs all over the world and then struggle with the question: What can I do?! The good news is that there are already amazing leaders out there who are tackling these huge issues,


they cannot do this, much less keep on doing this, without lots of support and encouragement. We have people with a vision and a plan and who are ready to take action to serve them.  These amazing leaders do amazing stuff, here is your opportunity to sustain and maximize what they do. Just sending money is not the answer. Backing someone who is there on the ground who backs them is the best way to ensure impact.

Back them here:

Donations for Mustard Seed Project through our partner Lead to Serve

Cheque donations must be mailed to Lead to serve and should clearly state ITL Mustard Seed Project. The mailing address is:

Lead to serve ITL Mustard Seed Project
P.O. Box 130998 Carlsbad, CA 92013
Administrator: Wayne Gordon (+1 760-444-0777)2

ITL serves a movement of transformational leaders committed to integrity and to serving their communities. People in leadership impact on communities; and change is coming through our alumni who daily grapple with the complex problems they face. Daily, countless people have food and or shelter, children have access to education, people have the dignity of work, reconciliation is facilitated where there is strife and conflict, those experiencing trauma are served and policies and laws are influenced or created by alumni.

After ITL ALICT training we are excited about amazing emerging leaders going back to very diverse contexts within 111 diverse countries. They also meet very diverse challenges. As we do not go to the gym once and all will be amazing, we need to go back again and again and in the same way we need to continue to support those who serve within the many challenges they face. It is simply a fact of life that there are sometimes overwhelming powerful events that impacts us. Here is this amazing opportunity where you can come in tom make a difference.

Our experience and believe is that people grow and can have a sustained ability to serve and have impact through working together and through supportive relationships. For this reason, ITL continually create opportunities and spaces that connects alumni for the development of tools and processes that can impact in diverse contexts. As such, ALICT becomes more than a three-month training; it is a maintained life-long journey of leaders with a shared passion Alumni serve their communities as well as IT Initiatives, by supporting other alumni in other communities.

People are our “core asset” and key in implementing and sustaining our Mission & Vision. Our business is not firstly focused on products or tools, but on people serving and empowering, partnering and supporting people who facilitate transformation in communities Transformed Leaders, Transform Communities.

ITL believes that this transformation needs to continue to happen; and that you can be part of this. You have an opportunity to do so by partnering with us in giving and investing in people who make a difference. While the need may vary from country to country, the general need for leaders serving with integrity remains constant. Your donation will support the development and journey our next leaders!

“As Christians we confess to be part of a body that serves each other and are interdependent.”