Our 2018 Russian alumnus in St. Petersburg has started the first annual 8-month training program for Christian youth. They have 15 students and the team consists of 4 members and 11 teachers. They have monthly mentoring and coaching training. They have 80 evangelism performances in the city from June to October and two social projects as well as a outreach trip to India at the end of October. They want to provide the opportunity for the youth of St. Petersburg to discover, experience inner transformation and healing as well as finding a calling. They train future leaders, form mini-teams of 5 people and apply what they learn. There is nothing of this kind in their city and they want to show the value of discipleship and mentoring, so that a new generation will be born, tested and cared for and will desire to serve their churches and be a disciple for new converts. In the future, they want to start a christian conference for youth.